IPC AG offers you excellent performance in 3 main sectors: Consulting ? Engineering ? Services

Our core competence is directed to aim at creating added value with long term benefits for our customers.

Such benefits we create by accepting challenging tasks from selected customers who are willing to trust and rely on us and our expertise to execute exclusive turn key projects independently.

? Consulting - added value & project management at plant construction sites.

IPC AG is specialized in project management at international plant construction sites whether new or expansion including commissioning and start-up or relocation if required.

We increase the quality, tranparancy and stability of your projects. By doing that we act as a special interface between our customer and their client as well as between humans and technology where they meet.

Under normal circumstances we get a clear date as target when exactly a factory, production line or service point has to start-up operation or be completed. Based on that timeline, we organize with our complementary management team the necessary measures to ensure a spot landing.

? Engineering - technical and project planning

IPC AG can add management capacity  to boost the preparation, organization and project planning of industrial investments - all over the globe.

? Services - external assistance does stabilize your core business

IPC AG can boost your existing capacities successfully executing services.
Do you have an efficient customer service already?
With our efficient process management methods you will be able to optimize the core requirements of customer service and with that, you will improve your achievements.

In addition we can provide qualified personnel to handle issues in accordance with your needs either from the back room or in direct communication with your customers.